What writers say about working
with Martha W. Murphy

“Without Martha Murphy, my co-writer for The Low-Glycal Diet, the book (my first) would not exist. Her talent, experience, and encouragement were invaluable throughout the process of writing my book. Now, she is helping promote it.

I look forward to working with Martha on my next book.”

Jeffrey S. Dunham, MD, PhD
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“I met Martha at the 2010 Harvard course. With her help I was able to put together an incredibly professional, well-written book proposal and manuscript. Her insight into the publishing process was invaluable in getting the attention and representation of a top New York City literary agent. With her continued input, I have signed my name twice on book contracts with a major publishing house.

Martha’s outstanding professional help has guided me through a unique journey.  I went from having an interesting idea for a book to being a published author. I am now at work on my third book.”

Paul A. Ruggieri, MD, FACS

CONFESSIONS OF A SURGEON, published by Penguin/Berkley Books, has been praised in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, on National Public Radio, and other leading media.

I always knew I “had a book in me” but without Martha it would still be a digital pile of papers, clippings and ideas.  I felt intimidated and clueless on how to write a book proposal, much less get an agent and a publisher.  Martha saved the day, leading me through each step and making it all seem easier than I ever thought possible.  Now, I’m happily going on to my next manuscript and I owe it all to her expertise.

Working with Martha is like working with a favorite friend; she helped me get over the uneasy feeling of showing someone my work, and was encouraging, warm and accessible every step of the way.  I cannot recommend her enough!  (I would use more exclamation points, but learned that copyeditors frown on that, lol.)  If there’s a book in you and you don’t know where to start, get in touch with Martha today!

Janet Lintala, DC

“Martha worked with me in extraordinary detail on this project. She helped me craft my proposal and improved its clarity. Most importantly, she distinguished the worthiness of this book. As a first-time author, I found her help and guidance truly invaluable. When my book proposal was complete, Martha helped me acquire representation by a top agent, who then landed a book contract with an important publisher. She continued to work with me as I developed and polished my manuscript. I am continuing to count on her counsel on marketing my book. I affectionately refer to her as my “book doctor.”  As a physician, I appreciate both her knowledge and her bed-side (“book-side”) manner.

Mark S. Komrad, MD
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“It’s my pleasure to provide a reference for Martha Murphy’s writing abilities.

We worked with her over a period of several months on a rewrite of our medical book for the lay public.  She was able to take our manuscript and put it into a language that lay people could understand without affecting the content.  What was more impressive to me was that she could merge the styles of multiple authors (9) into a form that was consistent and enjoyable to read.

She is a delight to work with, was prompt in responding to us, and completed her work on time. I would give her the highest recommendation as a writer.”

E F. Shaw Wilgis, MD

Director of Research
The Curtis National Hand Center

“My editor at Johns Hopkins recommended Martha to me. She [Martha] worked with me as the developmental editor on the manuscript for my book, My Neck Hurts. This was my first experience writing a book for a general audience and her help was indispensable. In particular, she had an integral part in the structure of the chapters, and was instrumental in the development and use of patient stories.

As a neurologist in active practice, I found the demands of completing a manuscript on deadline to be a challenge. Working with Martha made that process easier. She was professional, enthusiastic, and an extremely helpful editor.”

Martin T. Taylor, DO, PhD

While I wanted to write an engaging and informative book about women’s health for the general reader, I also wanted it to be a resource for health professionals.  Attending the Harvard Nonfiction Writing Course for Medical Professionals helped me to achieve my goal.  The result is Menopause Matters: Your Guide to a Long and Healthy Life, a 400-plus page book on women’s health geared to the general reader ages 35 to 65 plus.

Dr. Silver recommended Martha Murphy as a developmental editor for the manuscript.  Martha did an outstanding job and it was a pleasure to work with her.  In addition to editing, Martha has generously shared marketing and publicity connections.  I look forward to working with her again.”

Julia Schlam Edelman, MD, FACOG


“The very fortunate and unbelievable chain of events that led to a first-hand introduction to Ms. Wehmueller at JHU Press was facilitated by Martha Murphy. Martha, a writer, editor and book coach, has guided me and I am forever indebted to her for her kind support. Her guidance was invaluable”.

Richard Siegenfled, MD

“Martha Murphy was my writing coach for what I hope is only the first in a series of books! She understood what I wanted to accomplish with my cookbook and she taught me what would work in a book proposal (and what wouldn’t!). She was also very knowledgeable about literary agents. This was a new experience for me and Martha was always a dependable support, guide, and sounding board.

I am so glad I ‘met’ Martha. Even though she is on the East Coast and I’m on the West Coast, our working relationship was very positive. She helped me become a published writer, and I’m grateful for that!”

Christy Morgan

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