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Book writing coach and award-winning writer Martha Watson Murphy can help you develop your ideas, improve your writing, and achieve your goal of getting published.

A successful author herself, Martha is also a book writing coach and advisor, editor, developmental editor, co-writer, and ghost-writer. She specializes in non-fiction works and has extensive experience in how-to and self-help books, as well as memoir. Interested in a broad range of topics including health, food, business, crafts, spirituality, and travel, she has written, co-written, or developed more than 23 published books for the general public.

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Do you need help writing a book proposal? Finding an agent? Does your project require developmental editing? Do you need help pitching an idea to a magazine editor?

Or, do you have a story to tell and need someone to help you get the words down on paper and bring the piece to life? Whether you need help getting started (or getting unstuck), Martha’s objective eye and in-depth experience can kick-start the writing process and provide a path to the finish line. Let’s get started.


Featured New Book

The Un-Prescription for Autism: A Natural Approach for a Calmer, Happier, and More Focused Child

As every autism parent knows, a diagnosis is just the beginning. Next step is to make sense of the bewildering array of challenges–including the constipation, sleep deprivation, and irritability shared by so many on the spectrum–and conflicting opinions about what to do. Standard practice is to medicate these symptoms, leaving the children to power through a fog of untreated health conditions… Read More


Janet Lintala, author of The Un-Prescription for Autism
Founder, Autism Health!

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