Books & Authors


The Un-Prescriptions for Autism: A Natural Approach for a Calmer, Happier, More Focused Child, by Janet Lintala with Martha Murphy; AMACOM Publishing. 4/2016 – Read More


The Low Glycal Diet: How to Shed Fat Effortlessly without Being Hungry or Cutting Out Carbs, by Jeffrey Dunham, MD, with Martha Murphy; Page Street Publishing. 1/2016 – Read More


The Wonder of the Human Hand: Care and Repair of the Body’s Most Marvelous Instrument, by E. F. Shaw Wilgis, MD; Johns Hopkins University Press. 9/2014 – Read More


The Cost of Cutting: A Surgeon’s Truth about a Billion Dollar Industry, by Paul Ruggieri, MD; Berkley Books. 9/2014 – Read More


Bridge to Healing: Finding Strength to Cope with Illness, by Israela Meyerstein; Mazo Publishing. 2014. – Read More


Creating a Guide So Your Loved One Can Go On Living: Information You Must Pass On, by Harris Rosen; E Book Bakery. 4/2013 – Read More


The Epidural Book: A Woman’s Guide to Anesthesia for Childbirth, by Richard Siegenfeld, MD; Johns Hopkins University Press. 10/2012 – Read More


I’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News—You’re Old: Tales of a Geriatrician, by David Bernstein, MD; Dynamic Learning. 9/2012 – Read More


You Need Help: A Step-by-Step Plan to Convince a Loved One to Get Counseling, by Mark Komrad, MD, (Foreword by Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady); Hazelden Publishing. 8/2012 – Read More


Confessions of a Surgeon: The Good, the Bad and the Complicated… Life Behind the O.R. Doors, by Paul Ruggieri, MD, Berkley Books. 1/2012 – Read More


Blissful Bites: Vegan Meals that Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet, by Christy Morgan; Ben Bella Books. 1/2011 – Read More


My Neck Hurts: Nonsurgical Treatments for Neck and Upper Back Pain, by Martin Taylor, DO; Johns Hopkins University Press. 10/2010 – Read More


Menopause Matters: Your Guide to a Long and Healthy Life, by Julia Edelman, MD; Johns Hopkins University Press. 11/2009 – Read More


Shrinkwrapped: My First 50 Years on the Couch, by Michael Grossman; RDR Books. 2/2009 – Read More


Coming to Terms with Aging: The Secret to Meaningful Time, by Michael Grossman; RDR Books. 9/2007 – Read More


Encyclopedia of New England, by Bert Feintuch; Yale University Press. 9/2005 – Read More


Don Bousquet’s Rhode Island Cookbook: A Collection of Recipes Reflecting the Bounty, History, and Inimitable Style of Rhode Island, by Don Bousquet and Martha W. Murphy with illustrations by Don Bousquet; Covered Bridge Press. 4/1998 – Read More


A New England Fish Tale: Seafood Recipes and Observations of a Way of Life, by Martha W. Murphy; Henry Holt & Co. 4/1997 – Read More


How to Start and Operate Your Own Bed & Breakfast: Down-to-Earth Advice from an Award-Winning B&B Owner, by Martha W. Murphy; Henry Holt & Co. 5/1994 – Read More


The Bed & Breakfast Cookbook: Great American B&Bs and Their Recipes, from All Fifty StateS, by Martha W. Murphy; Stemmer House. 9/1991 – Read More


The New England Catch: A Seafood Cookbook, by Martha Watson Murphy; Rowman Publishing. 6/2016 – Read More

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